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Windows XP WMF Vulnerability Tool

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FREE SOLUTION FOR THE WINDOWS WMF VULNERABILITY All Windows XP versions and possibly also Windows 2000 are affected by the extremely dangerous "WMF vulnerability" discovered last week.

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Even having Service Pack 2 and all Microsoft security patches and updates provides no protection. This vulnerability enables hackers to install and run any program code they want on your PC -- all you have to do is display a WMF graphics file in a browser or any other program. This means that your computer can get infected just by visiting a website and displaying an image (WMFs an easily be hidden as JPGs, GIFs or other formats). This vulnerability is NOT restricted to Internet Explorer or any one program. ANY browser and ANY program that can display a WMF file can infect your computer. Unbelievable but true: Microsoft has admitted the problem but say they are not going to release a fix until next Tuesday, together with their regular patches. ASHAMPOO HAS A SOLUTION NOW! Ashampoo has created a fix for the WMF vulnerability and all users can download it now FREE to protect their computers against this extremely serious hazard. This solution has been developed by the team working on the innovative new security tool Ashampoo AntiSpyWare, which is going to be released on 8 February (advance orders can be placed starting on 6 January). The fix is a small program that reliably protects you against the WMF vulnerability, preventing hackers from being able to infect and take over your computer with WMF graphics. You don't need to restart your computer and it doesn't change anything in your system. This means that you can also install the Microsoft fix next week without fear of incompatibilities.