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PrivacyView Software 2.11

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Protecting your web activity and personal files is now easier than ever with the ultimate privacy tool.

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PrivacyView 2.10 keeps your private files private. Every activity performed on your PC is freely available to anyone who can use a computer. PrivacyViews innovative software is your first line of defense against prying eyes. You can easily protect any files from anyone with access to your PC. PrivacyView is the only Internet privacy tool to feature:

  • Encryption of ALL internet files so you can keep your traces separate from other users of your PC instead of deleting them. Saving files on your computer is no longer a worry. PrivacyView will keep them secured in a protected area.

  • First-rate Content Manager for downloading and storing internet files. Readily available and organized for easier searches.
  • State of the art Panic feature allowing you to conceal all open IE windows with the click of a button.

  • QuickSave for power downloaders enabling you to download files quicker and easier than ever.

  • PrivacyView is password protected and hidden on your PC. Only you will know where it is.

    This software offers you private Internet surfing and PC protection without the worry of what is left on your computer for others to see. With PrivacyView you can keep personal files for your eyes only.