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Twins WebNews 1.1

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Thousands of websites around the world provide their content as RSS or ATOM webfeed these days.

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Twins WebNews helps you find these webfeeds, add them, and read their content the same way as you do when reading e-mail.

Twins WebNews is more than just an RSS and ATOM news reader. Twins WebNews completely changes the way you read news on the Web! Visiting multiple sites, looking for news items you haven't read, belongs to the past.

Various Search and Filter options help you find the items you want, and filter out those you don't want.

But, there's more! Twins WebNews automatically keeps your webfeeds up-2-date in the background using idle-bandwith, and gives you an alert when there are new items available. You can also mark news items "sticky" for further reference.

Additional features include, podcast support, custom channel settings, and the ability to change the program's layout.

Twins WebNews comes with a Quick Tutorial that helps you getting started in no time. If you can read e-mail, then you can use Twins WebNews.

Download a free trial right now and discover the possibilities of RSS.