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Yodek's Yahtzee for Nele 1.0

file size: 22.06 MB

A simple yahtzee game for when you've got nothing better to do with your spare time :)

I wrote it for my wife Nele, because we always somehow forgot to buy some real dice :) Basic rules are included.

Published by:
98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP

Although jokers are not supported, you do get your bonus for a second yahtzee. You can play either a single or two player game. The game keeps track of highscores, so a little bit of competition is involved when playing with a mate.

The game relies on the .NET Framework (included in the package...hence the size (sorry :)), which will be installed automatically when necessary. If somehow installation should fail, please manually install Dotnetfx.exe first, then run Setup.exe.

Happy gaming!