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GetPicturesList 0.3

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If you like and collect pictures, you know about thoose new 'one-click' hosting solutions that allow you to host pictures for free, create a thumbnail and give you the HTML/BB-code to post thoose onto forums, blogs, etc

Most of the times, thoose hostings do NOT give a direct link to the picture, but to an HTML page where the picture wil be shown (along with some ads...).

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98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP

Therefore if you want to download all the pictures someone posted with your favorite download manager, you can't! :-(

Well, you couldn't! It is now possible with GetPicturesList !! GPL is an add-on that will allow you to easilly download thoose pictures posted on forums, blogs and such using thoose 'one-click' image hosting services without direct links through your favorite download manager.

Instead of using the usual 'Download all with [DM]' menu entry, you'll just have to use 'Download all using GPL'. That's it. GPL will automaticly recognize all the non-direct links to pictures, convert them into direct links to the actual picture and send them to your download managers!

Works with many DMs, known image hostings and most browsers (IE & shells (Maxthon, Avant, etc), Opera, FireFox)

GPL can also be used to download files from any sites that uses a gallery system, all you need is (write) the appropriate rule!