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Wildlife Pictures Desktop Calendar and Planner 1.0

file size: 3.43 MB

This Desktop Calendar and Planner, showcasing vibrant wildlife pictures from Africa, is not just a pretty face.


It is also a powerful personal and business organizer, featuring a daily, weekly, or monthly calendar where appointments, with optional reminders, can easily be entered and edited. Important dates, like birthdays and anniversaries, need only be entered once as the calendar lasts indefinitely and does not have to be updated annually, nor replaced like a paper calendar or diary. The Task Pad provides a handy way of updating an essential "To-do" list that's always visible in calendar mode. An Internet Explorer-compatible web browser, with built-in pop-up blocker, can be launched from within the calendar, as can the user's selected email program. Users can also personalize the calendar by substituting the provided photos for those of their own choice.