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SignaPoint 2008

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Myosotic SignaPoint 2008 is designed for professionals in the areas of biological signals analysis, electromyography, academia, athletic medicine, and ergonomics among many others.

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Myosotic SignaPoint 2008 offers the ideal environment to analyze biological signals individually or in a group. SignaPoint 2008 supports more than 20 signal analysis functions such as Mean, RMS, Pathway, Power Spectrum, and Polynomial Fit among others. SignaPoint's intuitive, clean, and crisp user interface bridges the steep learning curve of bio-signals analysis and creates an approachable and get-it-done experience for a much wider customer base than any other such application in the past. Myosotic SignaPoint 2008 works with signal files in the ASCII format. Supported file formats are .CSV (Comma delimited format) as well as any other file format containing ASCII data.