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TextSpresso 3.0b2

file size: 4.09 MB

TextSpresso is an easy to use, professional level text editor and cleaner.

Published by:
98 / 2k / Me / XP

TextSpresso includes over 250 filters and can: * Clean up Internet text, including E-mails and downloaded web pages. * Prepare text for Internet transport, HTML publishing, and print publishing. * Perform fast, multi-pattern data extraction, such as extracting web page URLs. * Sort text according to user defined sections and keys. * Convert text files between Mac and PC with highly accurate character preservation. * Filter the selected text in virtually any application through a Global Filter Menu and Palette. * Batch filter text files with a fast, multi-threaded batch processor. * Open, view, edit, and filter text and data files with dozens or even hundreds of MB's of data. TextSpresso's features include: * Supports filtering of the selected text within virtually any application. * Batch processing of documents. * Fast, memory efficient, multi-threaded filters. * Up to 100 levels of undo for each open document. * Includes over 250 filters. * MultiFilters provide double click application of more than one filter. * BASIC Script filters allow users to process text using the BASIC programming language. * Users may create new filters using any one of 11 core filter types. * Users can trade filters they create with other TextSpresso users. * Over 30 user preferences. * Intuitive, slick user interface. * And much more!