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ActiveTracker General Purpose Plugin

This plugin adds additional features to your existing email program or webmail accounts.

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98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP / 95

It offers full tracking, so you can find out when e-mails you send get opened, for how long, where, and whether or not it gets forwarded, printed, saved, or published online.

The program also contains over a dozen other features, including:

Self-destructing emails (your email will arrive with a timer counting down, and when it hits zero, the email automatically vanishes)

Certified Emails (Your emails get digitally signed and time-stamped and you get proof-of-posting certificates suitable for many purposes, including court cases)

Print and copy blocking (to stop people doing things with your email that you don't want)

Independent Document tracking (so attachments like PDF's and MS-Word or Excel files you send can also be independently tracked)

Language Translation (So you can send an email in one language, and it arrives at the other end in some other language)

Detailed Notifications (You can Choose to receive your ReadNotifications via email and optionally by SMS, Pager, ICQ, IRC, MSN/AOL/AIM/Yahoo Messenger and on your own "Personal Tracking Page" from our web site)

and many other features.