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IQ Test Trainer 1.1

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IQ Test Trainer is an easy-to-use software letting you considerably increase your average IQ test score and general intelligence.

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The software is based on a scientific method called backpropagation – a technique used for training neural networks. The method is reliable since it is known and recognized worldwide being actively used in many spheres.

The principle of IQ Test Trainer that stimulates your brain activity is quite simple yet very effective– you just have to read a running line of text and the trick is that the letters in the words are a mess, with just the first and the last letters standing in the right place if you don't select the high training difficulty level. When you recognize the words your neural networks are activated and your mind trains to decode them. Actually you are not supposed to experience much trouble recognizing the words; it comes quite naturally in most cases, so that you might not even notice the useful work of your brain. It is more effective than any of brain teasers.

Doing this simple exercise perfects your intelligence, memory and attention; improves your IQ tests score. It is recommended that you train from 5 up to 15 minutes twice a day. With IQ Test Trainer getting smarter doesn't require a lot of time and effort.

Also the package contains Memory Trainer- an application for memory training and for the photographic memory development.