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The Dude War 1.07

file size: 4.06 MB

The Dude War is a traditional Worms 1 clone, where you're in control of a team of 1-4 dudes aiming to destroy all the competing teams before they'll do the same trick to you.

Published by:
NT / 2k / XP

It's multiplayer (local) game with 2-4 human players, even up to 16 if necessary. Also AI-players are available. You can create your own teams containing of only human/AI players or, alternatively, you can mix AIs with your other players.

There are some 11 different weapons to use; e.g. bazooka, grenade, hand gun, uzi, mines, dynamite, nuclear bomb and the more peculiar ones like birdflu and the melcone bomb. Some other utilities are also available; teleport, melter, obstacle and terrain generator.

Once in a while special delivery boxes are dropped to the playfield containing extra health, time, weapons or jump strenght. If lucky, player can get one of the two secret weapons as a bonus from these boxes. If he's fast and skilled enough to use it effectively in the given short time, it may result in total mass destruction!

Other features include random terrains in 8 different themes, statistics and modifiable game options. There's also a mini-game mode called "Bazooka Master", accuracy shooting with online hi-scores.