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backupList+ 8.6.1

file size: 3.59 MB

BackupList+ is a simple but powerful file copy and backup application for Mac OSX.

Published by:
10.10 / 10.9 / OS X / 10.8

With it you can create lists of your important folders and files that you want to save to an external hard drive or other destination. It makes simple copies so there is no need for complex restore operations. It will automatically collect all the important system preferences and application preferences for safe keeping as well. There are many other options including full system clones, incremental backups (like Time Machine)and sparsebundle images. And you can schedule backups daily or weekly. The elegant and intuitive interface makes it easy and intuitive to use. Backuplist+ 8.5.2 is an important update. The entire application has been rewritten and is up to date with OS 10.11.1 El Capitan. It uses a custom build of rsync 3.1 and is 100% compatible with Mac OS file metadata. The user experience is now much more intuitive and grouped by backup type which then provides you with all possible options for that backup scenario.