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SQueAl 3.0.2

file size: 1.60 MB

SQueAl is an application for executing SQL statements, and viewing and editing the resulting data.

98 / 2k / Me / XP / 95
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It works with almost any database (from full-scale DBMS's down to plain-text CSV files), using ADO and OLEDB/ODBC.

You can work with any number of statements and open/save query files. Auto-complete is available for table and field names and custom words. Queries can be re-executed using Re-query and Back/Forward buttons. You can execute the same statement on multiple connections at once. Key values from the results of a query can automatically be inserted into the text of the next query executed.

In addition to editing data in a grid, you can edit a large text (CLOB) field in a big window of its own, and save/load binary object (BLOB) fields to/from files. Selected rows/columns can be converted to formats such as CSV, tab-delimited, HTML and even SQL sets and Insert statements.

SQueAl is meant for use mainly by software developers. But it is easy to use even for administrators, support executives, students and the slightly-above-average non-phobic home user.