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CurTiPot pH and Acid-Base Titration Curves 3.5.4

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CurTiPot is a powerful all-in-one freeware for pH calculation, experimental data analysis and simulation of titration curves of acids, bases, salts and buffers (from simple solutions to complex mixtures).

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98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP / 2003

Interpolation, smoothing, automatic endpoint detection and advanced nonlinear regression assist the determination of concentrations and pKas of real samples, from vinegar or amino acids to acid rain. Graphics of the dissociated and undissociated fractions of acids and bases as a function of pH (distribution diagrams) help to understand acid-base equilibria. No install/uninstall needed, simply open the downloaded curtipot_.xls file in Excel with macros enabled and use any or all of the spreadsheets named pH_calc, Distribution, Evaluation, Regression, Graphs and Database, following on-page instructions, help and default examples.