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Easily generate and push config files to Cisco devices and inventory them.

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2k / XP

wktools3 is a collection of small programs to make life easier for System and Field engineers, especially for those who deal with Cisco.

wktools3 is FREEWARE and only available for Windows. Use at your own risk!

The tools are the following:

* Config Maker: To simply generate many similar files/configurations. There are two data sources needed to achieve this: A pattern file and a data file. * Configure Devices: To push a config file to a network device. Supported protocols are Telnet, SSHv1, SSHv2 and Serial Console. * IP List: To find and store IP addresses in config files * Compare Files: To compare two files. The differences are highlighted * Device Information Parser: To parse Text files with "show" output from Cisco devices for Serial numbers, Module Information... * PIX Session Status: To display the active sessions on a PIX firewall in table format.