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File2Phone 1.0

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* Easily setup which folders you want to share to your mobile/cell phone.

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98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP / 95
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Download pictures, ringtones and games directly to your phone from your PC!

* Password protect access to your wapsite so only your friends or those who know the password can get in. Leave graffiti messages for users and let users write their own graffiti that everyone can see.

* Shutdown and poweroff your PC or simply shutdown File2Phone using your mobile/cell phone. This option can have an additional password, so only you can perform these actions.

* Automatic setup with Port Forwarding and Public IP address location - for those routers that support UPnP - if you're not accessing the internet via a router, then setup is even easier for you!.

* Customisable startup logo and message for the first time visitors hit your wapsite.

* Supports any phone that is WAP compatible!