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Automatic Timesheet 1.2.12

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Time card calculator that calculates daily and weekly totals.

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15 Days
7 / XP / Vista
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The latest release includes a pay calculator.

The program is designed to help you maintain an accurate timesheet with minimal effort. It runs on your computer and automatically records your "clock in" and "clock out" time each workday. Other features include: "Clock in" time, "clock out" time and lunch period length can be manually edited if needed. Software options allow the software to be configured to match your timesheet requirements. Weekly or biweekly reports can be created. A comma delimited report can be used to export the timesheet data. Individuals can use this software as a personal time card/timesheet manager. Businesses can distribute the software to employees for use as a timesheet reporting system.

Version 1.2.8 adds a "Daily History" feature that allows you to keep track of when and how long you are away from your computer during the work day.

Version 1.2.9 adds the ability for the user to enter a note for each daily timesheet entry.

Version 1.2.10 adds the ability to display time in 24 hour format. Previously the time was always displayed in AM/PM format.

Version 1.2.13 adds titles to the html format reports.