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Report Genie 1.1.0

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Report Genie is a FREE user-friendly reporting tool that I have created to help businesses generate Excel reports based on SQL queries.

Published by:
2k / XP / 2003

It is developed based on Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 using and Excel libraries.

Main Features include:

1. Using ODBC/OLE DB to connect any data source. Specify your connection string, you can connect to database, such as MS Access, Oracle, SQL Server, even Excel or text files.

2. Each report can contain multiple queries. Tired of having one query per excel report? Report Genie allows you to configure multiple queries for one report, each query could have its own database connections. The resulting excel reports will have one worksheet per query.

3. Reports could be run using command line arguments. This provides users the capability to schedule a report to run at specific time and frequency using Windows Scheduled Tasks.

4. Reports can be emailed out to recipients specified. Whether using SMTP or Exchange, you can configure the genie to have the reports emailed out automatically.