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Johhny B Good Ruled Tracefont

This is a 'manuscript, upright, ruled, tracefont' program.

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It is similar to someone's web based version at

The differences in my program are, mine:

1. Requires internet connection to install, but afterwards can be run without the internet.

2. Has a larger tracefont size.

3. Allows 'mailmerging' of a list of names. If you are doing a sheet for all your students,

just paste or type in the names and start one printing job. You don't have to 'type one name,

print, wait' and start all over again.

4. Three different setup styles are offered. Some have mixed font on the same page.

In other words, 'Johnny' would have a solid ruled example at the top of the page, followed

by ruled trace fonts of 'Johnny' on the same page.

The program runs under Windows XP. (and probably will run under Win95/98/NT)

Download, unzip and run the SETUP program. (If required, It will do a ONE TIME download of

additional files from Microsoft that support Visual Basic Net.)

Because I don't have $400.00 to pay to Verisign, the installation will refer to me as an unknown


My ISP rules state that I cannot post executables, but allows me to post zipped files, so

the link above is to a zipped file.