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HackCleaner 2.1

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98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP / 95 / Vista

1. Cleans memory for accelerating performance.

2. Force process... Due to Windows's security mechanism, any speical file has been using in other process, you can't move or delete it, as you thinking, the file should be real garbage or harmful advertising or trojain hourse?! well, simply choice 'force process...' in 'settings' wizard page, then start to force clear it!

3. HackUnlocker Wow! extremely powerful function! force operating file in windows explorer is very convenient.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> A powerful software called HackCleaner has been generated now.

It will help you to clear lots of garbage on your personal computer, and harmful plugins such as BHO, Adware etc.

1. it sweeps so many temporary files which contain personal temp-files, Windows's temp-files, Internet temp-files and Recycled bin files etc. Especially, BHO plugis is same as temp-files and to be processed.

2. it sweeps so many registry-rubbish entries which contain non associative files, disabled components so on. Actually, it also provides better backup mechanism, you can easily backup full registry table, when you perform to clear specified registry-rubbish, HackCleaner will automatically help you to backup entry who's being removed.

3. Autorun with the HackCleaner. you will see HackCleaner how to auto-monitor/block BHO plugins, auto-clear specified garbage on time etc. we suggest you put HackCleaner into startup group and make it easy to be run at background, that will be nice work.

4. it supports multi-languages.(English & Chinese & Hungarian)