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Dog Lord: Journey of Sation Amok 1.1

file size: 32.59 MB

"Dog Lord" is a 2D Action/RPG with real-time combat and several magic skills to choose from.

Published by:
98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP

Aide the land of Ertoc by ridding the people of spiritual possession. Heroine is a sorceress by the name of Sation Amok. Excellent sound - external speakers recommended. Persons should save the game before speaking to dangerous looking persons. If you bump into these guys they will attack you. When combat starts you usually want to be running away from the enemy. When you are in the clear you turn and face your attacker and use offensive magic by pressing (SPACE) or (ENTER). (ESC) button calls up her secondary magic like a Healing spell, a Stone Skin spell, and a Third Eye spell to increase magical damage. There is a great deal of actual speaking in the game (you can hear what the Bad Guys are saying). This is NOT turn based or menu based combat. After completing a battle, persons should always resave their game to avoid the frustration of having to fight them again. This game requires several hours to complete and is a Full Freeware release.

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