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Hotkey QL 2.0.4

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The HotKey QL system gives the ability to keep all the keyboard shortcuts in one central place, this is very different to the way shortcuts are implemented by Windows.

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98 / Me / XP / 2003
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With the added option to include a description to each of the key combinations, the system makes it very easy to see the action performed by the key combination.

As the list is in a central location, there is no need to track application shortcuts or any need to keep shortcut files just so that a key combination can be used to perform the action. Shortcuts can run either pre-defined actions or user defined actions. This means that if you want to run My Computer when you press CTRL + F5, you can with very little effort.

In addition to the standard shortcuts, HotKey QL can run scripts in the forms; batch, Visual Basic scripts and Java scripts. These can be controlled using key combinations or just run from the editor. Running scripts from the editor without a key combination assigned allows easy access to in-frequently used scripts, whereas frequently used scripts can have a key combination assigned for easy access. The system, as with the shortcuts, allows you to store all your scripts in one central location with easy access. Note: For VBScripts and JScripts you will need to have Windows Script Host installed (this is installed by default in all systems).

Adding key combinations is very simple; just right click on the HotKey QL keyboard icon in the taskbar tray and select 'show editor', then click 'add', and finally 'capture' to get the key combination. You can then add your own action or choose from one of the pre-defined special actions (e.g. My Documents). Select OK to add. Note: newly created key combinations are disabled by default and must be activated before use (e.g. by ticking the items check box).