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FSOLister 2.1

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The program generates a list of files and directories in XML, HTML and CHM formats.

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Open Source
2k / XP / 2003
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The advantages of these formats are that HTML is a powerful and user-friendly method of data presentation and CHM is a packed and searchable HTML and you don't need additional software to view it.

You can select a set of folders on your hard disk or in the network, choose desired listing style and FSOLister will generate a listing of contents of chosen directories according to the selected style. A default set of listing styles includes 3 styles to generate listings in XML format, 3 styles for HTML format and 1 style for CHM format (MS HTML help workshop is required to generate CHM files). XSL transformations are used to produce the listing documents and experienced users can create their own listing styles which can produce listings with formatting of arbitrary complexity. Visit the program homepage to learn how to create your own listing styles.