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Keyword Companion 2.0.4

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So what exactly is Keyword Companion and how does it work?

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Keyword Companion is a tool designed to help you create and manage your keyword lists to maximize the returns you get from all your web-based marketing efforts. With some world-class features it is definitely THE Internet marketing tool for anyone who wants to be successful. Keyword Companion is a tool created for the user. All your keyword management requirements have been organized into a 4 part step-by-step process that is easily understood. The 4-step process includes: 1. A fully comprehensive keyword research tool. 2. A complete and detailed Keyword Management tool that give you the ability to integrate lists from multiple research tools and clean up the list. It also allows you to build out your ad groups for various purposes including PPC campaigns, Google Adsense and your feeder network. 3. A complete Pay-per-click Campaign Management System. 4. A robust and creative Ad Management System. In addition with the recently released Keyword Companion V.2.0 you also get 2 brand new Plug-ins: 1. The first plug in builds pages with your keyword lists. 2. The second tokenizes your landing pages. This tool alone is worth every penny you pay for your copy of Keyword Companion!