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defNULLspam 1.0

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If you still receive spam-mail despite using a spam filter you may finally breathe a sigh of relief as you have come to the right place.

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This filters name means what it stands for and literally can be translated to: definitely zero spam! Nothing will slip by this powerful, free of charge, and most importantly easy to use filter, NOTHING! Lets recap: Current run of the mill spam-filter work with and are based upon artificial intelligence, i.e. Bayes-technique. At best this system works moderately well. Due to that fact, lots of spam-mail, particularly image-spam, will not be detected and sorted through correctly. Worse still, legitimate mail gets dumped into a spam filters spam folder often wrongfully. This means you still must wade your way through the mass of junk mail wasting your precious time. defNULLspam uses a tried and technique, making it therefore a very different and 100% reliable filter. Spam mail will always be detected, regardless, and dumped inside defNULLspams own temporary spam folder. If defNULLspam is unsure of or unfamiliar with the senders address it will simply respond with an automated query requesting the sender to verify their legitimacy. Once the original sender confirms his or her legitimacy to the filter by simply returning the automated response, defNULLspam will recognize its personalized signature it placed inside the automated query and from here on out places all mail from that senders address inside your inbox. Of course you do have full control over defNULLspams spam folder and can move any piece of mail out of there at any time.