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Portia Video Center 2.0.2489

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Portia Video Center is a Windows program to play DVD videos with flexible schedules.

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30 Days
XP / 2003
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Commercial DVD disks require the user to select soundtrack and subtitles from interactive DVD menus. Playlists with DVD video materials are therefore not practical. But Portia Video Center solves this problem: different DVD movies can be scheduled for unattended playback and DVD menu options are selected automatically. Portia Video Center also functions as an automatic DVD changer and can organise your media database with information from the Internet. The system includes a DVD player module with recurrent DVD playlist scheduling and a media library.

Portia Video Center is used where different DVD video materials must be played according to predetermined schedules. For example at hospitals, schools, universities, museums, libraries, resorts, cruise ships, dormitories, tourist attractions, theatres, and retail outlets.