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Periscope for SQL Server 5.5

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Periscope captures SQL database performance metrics and provides a central repository for analytical data.

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30 Days
2k / XP / 2003
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You can view detailed information on database access and SQL command metrics, isolate and resolve performance problems - including blocking - and perform long term trend analysis with the supplied HTML based reports. All this is accomplished with near zero overhead on the target SQL servers.

Periscope for SQL Server shows you things you have no other way of seeing

Display your top 10 (or 50 or 500, etc.) most expensive queries by CPU, disk I/O, memory, duration, etc.

See which queries are run most often by user, application, host, database, date, etc.

Show complete blocking scenarios, including the involved SQL statements, DB objects, host, application, duration, etc.

24/7 monitoring with virtually zero overhead - no components installed on target SQL Servers

Highly configurable monitoring service - capture data by statement performance or duration, database, application, host, time of day, etc.

All data is maintained in the Periscope Repository Database for long term trend analysis. Has application volume increased since last month? Have specific queries become more expensive recently? Find out...