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Vogone Vocal Elimination Software 3.102

file size: 3.38 MB

Vogone 3 vocal removal software is the first in the world to remove non-center panned vocals from audio songs.

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Vogone has three unique features that make it stand out as a successor to the old way of removing vocals. 1) It can uniquely remove center-panned AND non-center-panned vocals or instruments. 2) It enables you to adjust how much music remains in the song while reducing the vocals. 3) It easily creates stereo or mono vocal removed/reduced files for all your audio needs. And of course it removes or reduces vocals from stereo songs like other common vocal eliminator hardware/software products... yet giving exceptionally good results.

Feature packed and economically priced to serve the wide range of needs from home users to professional audio production studios. Simply Import the songs you wish to process to the hard drive, select that file in Vogone 3, and remove the vocal to your satisfaction.

Currently there are two versions available. 1) the full version - at $69.95 it does it all. 2) the lite version - at $9.99, simple and no experience necessary, delivers great results at the click of a buttom, you don't have much to lose!