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Mirramail Secure Email 3.1.3

file size: 19.79 MB

Mirramail is a fully featured email program that makes it easy to secure your Email.

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30 Days
7 / 98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP / 2003 / Vista
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The security provided by Mirramail is not just for sending and receiving messages - the messages stored on your computer are also secure. Using Mirramail you can send encrypted email using 256-bit AES Encryption at the click of a button. You can encrypt a message with a Password you provide or let the Mirracrypt key server allocate a unique encryption key. Either way, the message is automatically encrypted and can be automatically decrypted, but only by the authorized recipient. Mirramail also encrypts your locally stored messages from unauthorized access and prying eyes. That's great security if your computer is stolen or unattended. Mirramail is a must if you use a web-based email service like Google Gmail, Yahoo Mail or AOL because each message you send or receive using Mirramail encryption is stored on their mail servers in its encrypted format. Protect your privacy - try it now.