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TopXNotes Classic 1.2

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BASIC FEATURES * Color text, emphasis and note background * Text style, font & size,...

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BASIC FEATURES * Color text, emphasis and note background * Text style, font & size, cut/copy/paste * Internal drag/drop (note view to note view) * External cut/copy/paste, drag/drop (to/from applications & desktop) * Automatic link recognition & single-click launch (ftp, web & email) * Minimum 50 pages, theoretically unlimited * Page turning arrows * Read-only notes * Find in note or notepad * Export as either straight text or RTF, export or * Template pages for easily creating new kinds of notes * Provided a unique note pad for each system user

ADVANCED FEATURES * MuitlView- view more than one note view at once, as many as will fit on your display * MuitlView Toolbar- unique sliding toolbar keeps text tools right over where you are typing * NoteOrganizer- an advanced table of contents with category and group, date and time created or modified * Preferences- tune TopXNotes Classic just the way you like it * QuickNotes menu- keep your "top 10 notes" in a floater on your desktop always for easy access * Encryption of notepad and/or individual notes * Multiple Auto-Save and backup options * Export Group as notepad, Import notepad file as Group