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Secure Data Organizer 2.1.133

file size: 4.24 MB

Secure Data Organizer is a free, professional grade password management program to securely organize and store your sensitive information.

With Secure Data Organizer you can:

* Securely store and organize and your usernames, passwords and other personal data

* Create website associations so your personal data appears when a specified website is detected in your web browser

* Drag and drop personal data (such as a login or password) to a web browser field, eliminating the need to type in or remember your information

* Measure your password strength using the password strength meter

* Generate strong passwords using the built-in password generator

* Instantly search all of your encrypted data

* Export your Secure Data Records to a mobile device or PDA so you can access them on-the-go

* Export/Import your Secure Data Records so that you can access them at a separate location, for example, at the office.