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GenCrowd 2.0

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GenCrowd 3D 2.0 from Genemation, the Face Creators, allows you to generate realistic looking 3D models of heads at differing levels of detail, based factors such as age, ethnicity and gender.

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30 Days
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Need to populate your stadium or street scene in Tokyo , London , Los Angeles or Bombay?

How much time and money would you have to spend sourcing imagery of the various ethnic groups (and avoid copyright issues), and then how many artists would you need to laboriously produce the 3D heads and animations

GenCrowd 3D allows any number of 3D unique heads to be generated by the simple press of a single button.

Once you have created your desired head or group, you can then save and export the mesh and textures into many of the popular 3D art animation packages.

GenCrowd 3D exports in the following formats:

* Obj * Maya * VRML * Fbx * Xsi