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Press Software 1.0

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Do you want to announce to the media your new product or service?

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2k / XP / 2003

You need Press Software. Not sure who to contact? Try one of the twenty thousand listed in this software. Or you can add your own contacts to your email campaigns. Simply stated, Press Software is well packaged Microsoft Office 2003 Database application with very valuable data.

With Press Software you can easily create email campaigns with our without attachments. Press Release samples are included. Its prefect for newsletters, self publishing, announcements, invitations, memos, client alerts. Its prefect for any form of self promotion. This data alone is worth over $400! Have a look below and identify what category you could find helpful for your promotional needs.

Full Version Includes: 1400+ Daily Newspapers 5500+ Weekly Newspapers 1400+ Television Stations 8900+ Radio Stations 3000+ Magazines