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Jawdropper 2007

file size: 20.27 MB

The object of the game is to select groups of like pieces called JawDroppers, to remove them from the board, and to score as many points as possible.

Trial Period:
14 Uses
98 / 2k / Me / XP

The more pieces that are grouped together and removed, the higher the score. Choose from either regular mode to clear the board, or the never-ending continuous mode to challenge your mind. Play traditional JawDropper or Slider. Combine these versions with regular or continuous mode for a new challenge!

JawDropper 2007 comes with preset difficulty levels. It also offers the ability to create new levels of difficulty by changing the row and column counts as well as the number of unique JawDroppers available to match. The lower the numbers the easier the game. Warning: JawDropper can be addictively fun to play!