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Space Renegades: The Series 1.0

file size: 23.86 MB

United Minds Games( and Packom Interactive( are thrilled to announce that the release of Space Renegades: The Series has been ported to Linux!

Published by:
Console / X11

Space Renegades: The Series combines Space Renegades 1 and Space Renegades 2: Ulitmatum.By packaging these games together United Minds Games offers players hours of gameplay at an amazing low cost! But dont expect this game to be easy, it offers players 4 levels of difficulty along with tons upgradable weapons, shields, and much more!

In Space Renegades 1, you play as a Space Ranger named Adam. The Space Ranger firm that he worked for recently lost it's credibility and went out of business. He decided to be a self-employed Space Ranger, but at the same time a mob boss named Lord Art puts out a bounty on him dead or alive. Instead of protecting the galaxy hes protecting himself from wave after wave of bounty hunters.

In Space Renegades 2: Ultimatum, you continue your quest as Adam. Impressed by Adams fighter skills, Lord Art wants Adam to join his gang. After refusing to join, Art kidnaps Adam's family with an ultimatum for Adam to either join him or watch his family die. Help save Adams family by searching throughout the known galaxy.

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*There was some building issues before, but they're all fixed now*