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arcvback 3.1

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Backup software for a small LAN for user data files.

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NT / 2k / XP / 2003
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This backup and restore system will allow you to backup critical files from a set of machines on a small LAN to a cache directory on the server, the backup can be further protected by making a redundant copy (perhaps storing this off site) of this information to external media such as a USB attached drive or DVD. A restore utility is included. The backup program can be installed as a Windows NT Service so that it runs automatically in the background as needed.

This implements a full backup (which can be slow) followed by a long sequence of incremental backups (which typically happen very fast). The long sequence of incrementals are made practical by the use of a backup cache directory and a backup version database. If you keep all the media online in the cache, then there is no need to search through media when you need to do a restore (unless your cache drive gets damaged, in which case you go to the media).