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PCLab turns your sound card into a signal generator and oscilloscope for a price that can beat.

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98 / 2k / Me / XP

The programs work up to 22kHz; higher frequencies cannot be obtained due to limitations of sound cards. However, we think the product has much to offer, escpecially for those who work just with low-frequency signals and do not want to spend money for a real oscilloscope. One very useful use of our program is its use by school children learning electronics. Oscilloscope and signal generator are a must for everybody who is serious with electronics. Especially for learning it is very useful to be able to see that real signals in the device. At the same time, these children usually experiment with low-frequency signal where our programs work fine. And their parents do not want to spend $300 or more for a real oscilloscope when they don't know if their child will be interested in electronics also the next year. Here, our program is the ideal solution. The trial version is limited - it is single-channel and limited to just one sweep time, whereas the full version is dual channel and has many more sweep times.