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SecureBit LoginXpress 1.0.0

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SecureBit introduces LoginXpress Security, Speed and Convenience for your Login

In todays environment, with the increased need for password and logon security due to on-line fraud, the growth of on-line distributed applications, telecommuting and the re-emergence of on-line communities - password management can be a real hassle.

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2k / XP / 2003
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Average Internet users today must memorize anywhere between five (5) and twenty (20) passwords for his or her daily activities. This often leads to several problems, all of which seriously impede security and productivity:

1. Lost or forgotten passwords 2. The use of master passwords across sites 3. Ignoring the cardinal rule of passwords - that they should be frequently changed.

Product Highlights

With a single click, SecureBit LoginXpress will launch the web browser, navigate to your favorite site and automatically login to the site. Multiple levels of authentication when running the program ensure only you have access to your sites. Your site information is stored with high bit encryption for enhanced security. Additional NTFS-level encryption for password storage (Windows 2000, XP, Vista) Hotkey ability allows multiple sites to be logged into with a single click or button press. Very useful when logging into your sites in the morning! Integrated update ability ensures SecureBit is always running the latest version. Skins ability! Skins let you customize the application and give it a look and that is unique to you! Low CPU and memory resource use allows the application to perform excellent on slower machines. Security audit allows you to determine which passwords to sites are potentially unsecure. Built in password generator allows easy creation of secure passwords when registering with a new site. SecureBrowse technology automatically deletes cookies, history and temporary files as you browse.