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CrystalSolutions V8

file size: 68.88 MB

CrystalSolutions Version 8 is a Practice Management & Development Solution for Complementary and Alternative Therapists and Multi Discipline Clinics.

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It has been designed for structural practitioners such as Osteopaths and Chiropractors as well as Herbalists, Homeopaths, Acupuncturists, Reflextherapists and Podiatrists.....

It provides a record of patients seen and who by, in an holistic manner; what treatments they have received, and keeps track of money received and spent, together with Products provided. It has Stationery, Statistics, Mass Marketing; by letter or email, and it attempts to compliment handwritten case notes and to provide an environment where practices can develop. It has an integrated electronic booking system with Diaries and Calendars, and can cater for Multi Disciplinary Clinics or Practices. It has been developed over many years and and we have used previous versions daily for over 9 years ourselves, in our own Practices.

New Features include a completely redesigned interface, making the most of 10 years of Crystalsolutions experience, alongside professional computer design. We can now offer Marketing and mass mailing - bulk mail and mergemail !! a 5 Elements page with pulse histories for Acupuncturists, Homeopathic & Herbalists benefit with remedy lists as well as a Herbal & Remedy History with auto RX evaluation and seperate Rx2/3... etc.

Treatments, Medicines and Supplements can be swiftly added and there is an x-ray, picture and film and document area page, which can take dictated notes!!! All this with redesigned Schedules and Electronic booking, Reception with Contacts, Stationery - receipts and letters, Accounts and Statistics. A new page for Podiatrists and Reflextherapists alongside the pages designed for Physical therapists, such as Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Chiropractors, allow for quick input of salient features. There is now a Product area where you can monitor Stock and Sales of goods you provide...

It runs on Mac OS X 3.9 and above, and Windows NT, 2000, XP and Vista. and costs 68.($127)

A free working demo (50 Records) is available from