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DYNAMIC 3i Free Edition ERP/MRP 3.1

System Dynamics Corporation announces the launch of a brand new solution for small business; designed to give SMBs the opportunity to use their market leading ERP solutions for little or no investment.

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SDC's newest solution, DYNAMIC 3i Free Edition gives users access to all the power and functionality of their Enterprise class ERP and MRP solutions without the heavy investment usually required to acquire these solutions. DYNAMIC 3i Free Edition includes everything you need to get started for up to 4 users, absolutely free. The solution is built on Oracle's XE database platform ensuring the very best in performance, reliability and the assurance of an industry standard for your database and ERP and MRP applications. DYNAMIC 3i Free Edition includes all the essentials for managing and automating your business processes including : Order Processing, Inventory Control, Purchasing and Receiving, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Financial Statements, Sales Analysis and Customer Service. The use of SQL and Oracle tools as well as twenty-six additional bolt-on modules developed to provide the user with global functionality that enhance the application and give you the needed functionality to manage business in today's global economy. As an added bonus all 26 additional ERP and MRP modules are free to use for up to one year, allowing users to try the thousands of powerful features available within the complete DYNAMIC 3i suite of applications. The simple but sophisticated user interface make the product easy to use and navigate while modularity makes implementations structured and straight-forward. The on-line real time processing of data ensures that all users are using the latest information to respond to the customer. Multi-currency, Multi-warehouse and Multi-language with the use of EDI and bar-code integration make the DYNAMIC 3i suite of applications a solution that will meet the needs of a growing organization for years to come. SDC software comes translated or translation-ready for other languages, including a facility for end-users to add their own variations in terminology in their national languages. DYNAMIC 3i provides support for most languages including 2 byte database systems such as Chinese or Japanese character sets. As a provider of business solutions System Dynamics also provides support for its products with education, training and implementation services to ensure the success of your ERP project. On-going support services include features like enhancement releases twice per year, support desk assistance and call tracking for all your inquiries.