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MeMe 1.51

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With the Internet being a vast database of content with a lot of noise, it's hard work to find what youre interested in anymore.

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98 / NT / XP / 2003 / Vista
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MeMe is a sleek 3D cube on your desktop that Reverses the Search. Instead of wasting time searching the Web, MeMe does the work for you and delivers content that you might never have found on your own. Its great for researching needs or just always being in the know about your favorite topics. Use MeMe in two ways:

Tell MeMe what to find or simply surf the Web and MeMe will discover what youre interested in and send content to your cube. Each side of the MeMe cube displays content based on your interest: Music From millions of your favorite artists and major labels about your interest Videos Your TV in a cube showing the latest videos about your interest News Hard-to-find articles and the latest news about your interest Games Video games from old favorites to new online games

For example, MeMe discovers that you're interested in Justin Timberlake and sends articles, videos and songs about him for you to check out. You no longer have to search to be on top of the latest and greatest, MeMe will always let you know first. With MeMe, the online world is your oyster. When your interests change, MeMe will change too and send you new types of music, videos, articles and more.