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Drive Genius 1.5.3

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Since its introduction at Macworld San Francisco back in 2005, Drive Genius from Prosoft Engineering has become THE industry standard disk utility for the Mac platform.

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Directory Repair, Disk Defrag and Repartition-on-the-fly are only a few of the award-winning features of Drive Genius. In a head to head review vs the competition, Drive Genius was named "Labs Winner" as the best tool in its class*. Whether you're a novice home user, professional computer technician or anything in between, Drive Genius from Prosoft Engineering is the best tool to maintain, manage and optimize your hard drive.

Traditionally, hard drive maintenance and management has been difficult, time-consuming and confusing. In many cases people skip these critical activities - sometimes leading to disaster. Thankfully, Drive Genius makes these tedious tasks painless, fast, and easy. From performance tuning to disaster prevention, Drive Genius provides all the tools needed to take control of your hard drive, and your digital life.