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Maintenance Assistant 2.1

file size: 9.00 MB

Maintenance Assistant CMMS is the most accessible, and powerful CMMS for managing assets within any industry.

Trial Period:
2k / XP / 2003 / Vista

Unlimited licenses and proprietary-free. And... its free! <p> Maintenance Assistant Free CMMS is full-featured, network enabled Industrial Strength Computerized Maintenance Management System that runs on any OS Platform. There are no fees, and no purchase expectations; it is always updated and entirely FREE. <p> MA CMMS gives full control over your inventory and business assets through preventative, corrective and emergency maintenance routines that may be scheduled and managed by any number of technicians from anywhere with internet access. The best part being, your valuable CMMS data is centrally stored in a Powerful SQLite Database, safe behind your firewalls, and available for full reporting analysis. <p> MA CMMS runs network enabled with all features and does not rely on any other proprietary software. The Maintenance Assistant Community account enables your CMMS to use our servers for powerful networking tools such as Automated RFQ management, Technician Alerts, Software Localization and more all without the need to purchase additional software.