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Multi-Filename Editor 2.02

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The Multi-Filename Editor allows you to easily edit any number of filenames or folders in an easy to use spreadsheet format and then Rename or Copy them with the press of a button.

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10 Days
NT / 2k / XP / 2003
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This shell extension lets you select files or folders from Explorer and presents them in a spreadsheet. You can:

  • Edit any name with a double click of the mouse
  • Change case with Upper, Lower, Proper case cmds
  • Append strings to beginning or end*
  • Copy, Cut and Paste are available to copy data within the spreadsheet or to and from other programs.
  • Use Find and Replace to change strings within filenames.
*By default the editing only occurs on the filename, not the extension. This eliminates the chance of accidentally making a file inoperable.It also makes it easy to append a string to the end of a file name and do Replace All. You can use the file extensions in the editing operation if you want.

Commands apply to all files or just selected files.

Do repeated changes without changing the files. Once you are satisfied with your new names you can either Rename or Copy the files. You can rename files or folders. Copying is limited to files.

The Multi-Filename Editoris part of the CAVU Software Productivity package, a set of utilities and shell extensions that expand your ability to manage the information on your computer. You will be able to install (and uninstall) any of the demo programs with this download. Purchase all five for half-price when you buy the Package!