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FileTaxi 1.5

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FileTaxi -A file relocator for peer-to-peer file sharing clients.

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2k / XP / 2003
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FileTaxi is a small Windows application designed for use in conjunction with peer-to-peer clients like eMule, to minimize the upload impact by moving downloaded files away from the shared folder. In P2P clients like eMule the rules are "to get data you have to share data", so if the shared folder is emptied every time a new file appears, the only shared files will be the ones currently in download process.

An extract from the online documentation at (How can I delete/unshare files): "To remove a share you must move the files out of your incoming or folders marked as shared..."

-This is where FileTaxi comes to glory. FileTaxi monitors the share and removes any files the moment they appear. Files are being moved to the target directory specified in the FileTaxi options dialog. The relocated files can easily be located via the FileTaxi "Open Target" command (F3).

Though FileTaxi was aimed at the P2P community, the application can be used by anyone who whishes to utilize automated file-relocation and backup.