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Timeline Maker Professional 2.1

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Traditional methods of creating a timeline involve manual processes.

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This means a high investment in time and cost to build one static timeline. If a need arises to make adjustments to the timeline, whether to add events, adjust times/dates or to correct mistakes, then the process must be redone-incurring more time and cost.

Timeline Maker Professional automatically builds and adjusts timelines to meet your changing demands. No one else can offer the comprehensive functionality, the unique tools or the visual appeal of Timeline Maker Professional - all in one package.

Create presentation quality timelines instantly.

If you can use Microsoft Office products, you can use Timeline Maker Professional.

Enter your event data through an intuitive table interface similar to Microsoft Excel, or with some simple formatting you can import data directly from other applications. With a single click you can create flag charts or bar charts from pre-defined themes to build a wide variety of timelines for printing, sharing or presentation. Or, you can use your own logos, colors and other visual elements to customize your timelines to meet the specific needs of your own or your clients organization. A formatted chronology (text) report can also be created with just one click.

There are many options to print and publish your timeline charts and chronologies, including a variety of graphic formats, PDF and HTML. Timeline Maker Professionals built-in presentation tool and seamless integration with Microsoft PowerPoint give you a choice in how to best present your timelines.

Timeline Maker Professionals new and exclusive Package for Sharing function makes sure that your timeline files are always intact for sharing with others or making a presentation on a different computer. When combined with the free read only Timeline Maker Viewer this powerful feature allows you to accurately and securely share your timelines with anyone, anywhere.