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SaveTyping 1.0.10

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Numbers in full & User Text Library

Numbers In Full: makes text typing easier and automatic for currencies and measure numeric values in several languages.

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30 Days
NT / 2k / XP / 2003
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The currently available measures are: meter, square meter and hectare and their related subdivisions. Yards, feet and inches, square yards, square feet and square inches are also available. The following languages are currently available: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. It also works with dates and times.

Library: User Library, i.e., the user may store recurrent standard forms and give each one an alias name. Whenever such name is selected, the text is automatically typed. Standard forms may be, among others, quotations, agreement provisions, legal texts, law sections, etc. It also allows the definition of fields in the standard form so that the program automatically creates a form when a specific text is required. For instance, the text qualification of the parties to an agreement may be created defining the fields Name, Address, etc. and, whenever required by the user, the form will be automatically created and such fields requested and then they will be typed into the document.