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Moraff's Freedom Player 1.1

file size: 2.45 MB

Moraff's Freedom Player is the ultimate media player.

Published by:
XP / Vista

It is packed with more features and controls than any other, and most of all it is free for unlimited use! Actually, you can support its author, but that is entirely your choice to make freely. No ads, no limits, no spyware.

You can select various underlying technologies for playing media, music, video, DVD, images. You can even listen to playlists of music while watching slide shows in the media window. This player is user-supported and the author supports the users. Anything you need or want in the player, tell the author and you might get it!

Moraff's Freedom Player supports most video, audio, and image formats, generally whichever codecs are installed on your computer. You can control playback speed, repeat sections of media, jump forward or backward easily. The 747 style control panel, which contains a myriad of media controls is customizable. You can include or remove sub-panels. There is a status bar that explains the use of each button as you mouse over the button.

You can select entire folders with the load folder button, or individual files with the open file button. There is a handy recently used files and folders system, or you can just drag and drop media onto the player.

So get the finest media player ever, and enjoy your freedom for free!