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GuitarLog 1.0

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Simple, effective and unobtrusive.

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GuitarLog is the place for you to organize your practice sessions and record your progress.

GuitarLog can help to organize daily practice regimens and their resources while also providing a comprehensive archive of past practice sessions, song ideas, riffs, or whatever you want to record with it.

The philosophy behind GuitarLog is that the practice environment should be split into two separate tasks: organizing and preparing practice materials and performing practice sessions. The tools used to accomplish this should be as supportive and transparent as possible for maximum effectiveness.�

From the creator: "In its current state, I don't believe there is a software package (even supplemented with sticky notes!) that will allow you to get in and practice as quickly and efficiently as this - that's why I wrote it! I've been using digital audio software since E-magic's Logic 1.0 and have always been frustrated at how much setup is involved for recording repetitious tasks (practice) - those packages are just not intended for that type of archival/analyis."