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Monitor Brightness Reducer 1.0

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This magnificent program has a single goal: it allows you to use your PC on hot summer nights leaving your windows open to refrigerate the room.

Published by:
2k / XP / 2003

Using this program will reduce the risk to attract mosquitos, moths and bats in your room. It is universally known that these animals are attracted by light; less known but equally true is that they prefer CRT and LCD monitors light. Our skilled team of trained monkeys has carefully designed this program that will let you solve the issue just mentioned. There are two known side effects that you might notice when you'll use this application: -the first one is that your monitor brightness will be reduced. Our committed team of engineers is working on fix on this. Marketing dept. has suggested us to claim that it will reduce the blinding effect of too bright monitors used in a dark environment. -the second side effect is that this program will eat 15 MB of your RAM, just by starting it. This high memory usage is not a bug but it is by design. A prerequisite to run this program is to have Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 or higher installed on your system.

Note: this is a quick hack, it was written in 40 minutes (but most of the time was spent writing what you are reading now) and the solution proposed is far from being elegant and complete.